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Howdy and to one and all, my name is Festus Feist, least ways in this sport called Cowboy Action Shooting, I started this page Sept. 27, 1998 and it is a long ways past my original idea. I decided to write it to see what I could do with a web page and I am very happy with my accomplishment to date. I intend to make this site even better eventually there will be an old west history section and a group of personal photos.

For now though I'll be glad to help anyone who has any questions, concerns, etc. concerning my favorite sport Cowboy Action Shooting. If you've never heard of this sport or are new you might want to check out my beginners info pages where you can find advice plus an example of a sample match page. Now I don't claim to be an expert about this sport (I'm still wet behind the ears even after three + years), but I do reload all my own ammo, love the smell from my percussion revolvers after emptying all six shots as quick as I can, and I've had lots of so called ideas bout how to become the best but none have worked as of yet.

I can usually be found at matches near my home which is located in the ND/MN Red River Valley though as time goes by I intend to go to End of the Trail and any other of the larger cowboy gatherings. Hope you enjoy my home on the web. May 1st and 2nd, 1999 I made it to my first big match, The Battle of the Badlands held in Center, ND. The link goes to a special picture page just for those.

Festus Feist
SASS ID#: 23531

I enjoy hearing from folk who've seen my pages, if you know of any good links please E-mail me, if you just want
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This site is constantly changing, so bookmark it and stop back to say Howdy.  Y'all come back now Ya hear.

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