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If you know of any good links or have one concerning
cowboy action shooting that you would like to have
included drop me a line or leave a note
in my guestbook Back Home.

Festus Feist
SASS ID#: 23531

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Other Links of Interest

Coon 'n Crockett Muzzleloaders - The Internet's Premier Muzzle Loading Information Center!

Boomtown and Relic Hunters of Northeastern Washington

East Grand Forks, Minn Rod & Gun Club
The local gun club where I spend alot of my time

Cowboy Action and Black Powder Cartridge Shooting
A site created by a fellow shooter. Very informative.

Cas-L Home Page
Includes a cowboy action shooting e-mail discussion forum

Rattlesnake Jacks Old West Clip Art Parlour
Excellent source for old west web page graphics. Many thanks

Captain Call's Hideout
A mighty fine looking sight by a Cowboy Shooter out Texas way

Rockin' B Ranches
A Cowboy Related Site which features many links, a weekly cowboy chat, and some darn good recipes.

Bob Hamm's Home Page
Home Spread to one of Americas best Cowboy Gun Twirling Champs