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Stoeger IGA coach gun

Gauge: 3" 12 gauge Barrels: 18 1/2" Never have had the courage to pull both triggers with 3" magnums in the tubes but with light factory game loads this isn't too bad of a gun. Only thing I did to improve it was to polish the chambers to improve ejection.

Unknown German SxS hammer gun

Gauge: 2 3/4" 16 gauge Barrels: 32" Found this at a local pawn shop for what I still consider a steal. Nice engraving, some German silver inlay, trap style cheek rest, markings suggest it is from same region as Merkel-Gebruder made pre 1930. this has become my scattergun of choice for matches it is an absolute beauty to shoot. Wish I did know who made unfortunately there is no makers name or mark to be found other a WWI style German eagle above each chamber and "Prima Fluss Stahl" engraved on one barrel. Anyone who can tell me more info on this one please do.