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Winchester 94 AE trapper

Caliber: .44 magnum Barrel: 16" Best Load: 6.3 grains Winchester W231 powder with a 240 grain lead semi-wadcutter bullet I love this little rifle. If the conditions are just perfect I can hit clothespins at 50 yds. Interesting fact, if loaded with .44 specials instead of magnums the magazine will hold 10 of my reloads and feeds both perfectly. Even with full power magnum hunting loads this little shorty is a perfect shooter.

Winchester 94 deer rifle

Caliber: 30/30 Winchester Barrel: 24" Best Load: 110 grain M1 carbine bullet with 35.5 grains of Winchester 748 powder I know this is not a rule legal gun but for long range targets its all I have until I can find a good .45/70 Govt. or such. Accuracy is good out to about 250 yds or so with iron sights after that she gets a little iffy due to the size of factory sights or my eyesight (not sure which).