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The Saloon Table

In the first part of this stage the scenario was that the white targets were the bad guys. With your revolver you were supposed to fire 2 shots into each of the taller targets and one into the shorter target from across the table (a distance of about 3 ft). I've seen this type of stage done at some matches where you might have to use a second revolver or a derringer as well.

Shotgun Targets

After finishing with the bad guys at the table you would move on to a target set such as these two steels which would be place about 10 to 15 yds from the firing line the object is to knock both targets down as quickly as possible. If you miss you reload and try again until both are down or take a 5 second penalty for each target that is still standing. Believe me trying to reload a side by side with the clock running is not a fun thing to do so I always try to make sure that the targets go with the first shots. I've also seen stages where three of these targets were set up so you had to reload if you still have a shot left there is usually a bonus target such as a clay pigeon or such.

Bad guys in the hills from the saloon window

After using your shotgun you were to pick up your rifle and go to the so called saloon window which was constructed out of two barricades and a board between them. Once positioned at the window you were required to put a minimum of one shot into each target with your rifle if your rifle held more than the required 5 shots than you could try to have your time reduced by firing additional scoring shots into each target. Each additional hit was worth 1/2 second off of your total time for that stage. I've seen some matches use targets that are moving such as the ones seen behind the shotgun target picture above.

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